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More Women in Corporate Leadership and Investing

A retirement plan is the cornerstone of someone’s financial future strategy, but it’s just one way to tap into the power of savings. As one 2021 Women and Investing study found, increasing numbers of women are claiming bigger roles in their own lives when it comes to corporate leadership as well as investing.  In 2018,

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Fidelity Study: Most Retirement Savings Hold Steady in Q3

More workers are nervous about the current state of their finances and whether they’ll be able to stay on track for the future, but one recent study shows that the volume of retirement savings stayed much the same in Q3 despite these concerns. Recent Fidelity research found that around one in three workers is worried

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What to Know About Four New 401K and IRA Contribution Limits

When is the last time you checked in with your retirement contributions? Now might be the perfect time to look up automatic withdrawals from your paycheck to see if you’re maxing out your retirement savings in the best way. If it’s been some time since you reviewed your financial plan overall, consider this the perfect

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What Retirees Should Consider After Selling Their Business

Completing a successful business exit is often the result of many years of hard work and advanced planning. This process is known as business succession planning and when undertaken with the support of an experienced and qualified financial team, advisors and attorneys can allow you to close one chapter of your life, but successfully open another.

On the one hand, a business exit is exciting. It’s the culmination of a lot of work and it opens the door to new opportunities for you. But it’s not always easy to make this transition or to find the right balance for your life.

A business exit brings about the conclusion to many issues, and cancels out plenty of questions you might have had in the past. However, it can be a big mistake to think that your planning process is over after you have dealt with exiting the business. Even if you are not working full time, having extra money can be very beneficial for allowing you to move into retirement successfully.

Make sure that you consult with qualified financial and business professionals when you find yourself thinking about making a business exit. From improving your financial situation to maintaining better overall physical and mental health, there are plenty of reasons to pick up a side hustle, or to continue with a part time business or employment situation. This also calls you to reevaluate your financial positioning and decide whether you may need to alter your current tax and estate planning considerations.

Talk to our team today about these big transitions in your life and how to protect yourself in each of them.