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Understanding the Potential 2024 Estate and Gift Tax Rates: An Insight

Tax rules and regulations frequently change, and it’s crucial to stay updated to make informed financial decisions. As we approach 2024, let’s delve into the potential changes in the estate and gift tax rates and their implications. 1. What is an Estate Tax? An estate tax is a fee charged on the transfer of assets

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The Financial and Legal Implications of Adding a Name to a Property Deed

When it comes to owning property, you may want to share that responsibility or privilege with someone else, perhaps a family member or a friend. Adding someone’s name to the title of your property may seem like a straightforward process, but there are various tax and legal consequences you should be aware of. In this

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Addressing Key Concerns About Retirement Planning

Retirement may seem like a distant reality for some, but it’s a topic that demands immediate attention. Regardless of your age, planning for retirement is a critical step towards ensuring a secure and comfortable future. This article delves into some of the common concerns surrounding retirement planning, inspired by SmartAsset’s insights. 1. Will I Have

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Do You Have an Asset Allocation Plan?

There are many different financial mistakes that could set you up for disasters in the future. Many people struggle to understand the basic concepts of financial planning or find these so overwhelming that they’re not sure how to step forward and cover all of their interests.

Not having an asset allocation plan is a problem that is easily avoided. Asset allocation is in fact the most critical factor in determining the return and the risk of the investments you make. However, most people have accounts with randomly selected mutual funds, meaning that you could potentially be under-diversified with 10 funds that all move towards the same type of investment. You want to take a look at these different funds to verify that your different accounts are properly diversified, or you could consolidate all of your accounts. Consolidating your accounts could have potential tax benefits if you have a taxable account and prioritize any of your tax-sheltered accounts that generate high taxes such as high turnover mutual funds, high yield bonds, or REITs. Moving your retirement accounts into an IRA or your current employer’s plan is another positive way to manage your asset allocation strategy.

We will help you get a comprehensive picture of your financial planning goals and ensure that you have the right asset allocation and risk management approaches for all your planning. Our firm has extensive experience in working with people to complete this process.

Having an outside professional guide you through this process can make it much easier to approach all of these complex goals and to keep them working together collaboratively. Set aside a time to meet with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer about your next steps.