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What Retirees Should Consider After Selling Their Business

Completing a successful business exit is often the result of many years of hard work and advanced planning. This process is known as business succession planning and when undertaken with the support of an experienced and qualified financial team, advisors and attorneys can allow you to close one chapter of your life, but successfully open

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How To Prepare Mentally To Sell Your Business

Maybe you’re thinking ahead about retirement or are simply no longer challenged by what’s offered in your business. Perhaps there is someone ready in waiting, ready and waiting to step into the role of leader, such as a family member, or a trusted employee. But financial considerations and simply feeling like it is the right

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Why A Financial Plan Is So Important For Addressing The Possibility Of Disability

Many people recognize that big factors in their life, such as what they want to achieve with estate planning, and their own retirement goals will influence their financial plan. But it can be a big mistake to neglect the possibility of disability. One in four US adults already lives with a disability. This presents unique

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Just How Popular Is ESG Investing?

If you’ve been thinking about getting into socially responsible investing, also known as sustainable investing or impact investing, this refers to investing in those companies that prioritize environmental, social, and governance outcomes. Investments are therefore made with your unique consideration of human and environmental wellbeing in addition to economic returns.

The hand that holds the world ready to use the technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution. In concept icon ESG in hand for the environment, society and sustainable business governance.

The principles of ESG investing are not new, but there has been a significant expansion of ESG investing options in recent years. The pandemic spurred this forward tremendously, largely due to uncertainty and market disruption. Many investors in 2020 turn to ESG funds because of concerns about resiliency. In fact, the first few months of 2020 saw over $45 billion flowing into these funds.

It is predicted that in addition to the $30.7 trillion, currently sitting in sustainable investment funds around the world, this will increase to around $50 trillion in the next few decades. There are many different factors contributing to the surge in ESG investing, growing concern for environmental issues, the heightened engagement of groups who were not previously involved in traditional investing, such as women and young people, and more complex supply chains are just a couple of the factors driving changes in ESG investing.

If you have questions about making ESG investing work for you, set aside a time to meet with our team. We’re here to guide you through the process of making sure that you’re still working towards good returns while also investing in companies with socially and sustainably responsible initiatives. Contact us today to learn more.